Les vidéos.

Hybrid anti virus Mask
The « Gill Filtering mask »
The War Cyborg
Last (Nov 2019) but not least, here is my vision of the Winter Shaman. I have always been totally fascinated by this dreamlike and tribal universe. See pics in the gallerie.

This helmet was made in 2018, it is a historical mix between Persia and the Mongols.
Handcrafted in a traditional way in noble materials: Steel and leather, it is a very exclusive piece.
It has been used in several short historical reconstructions.
See dimension and weight in the galleries.
This post-apocalyptic biker helmet was made in 2018 at the request of a props company for the cinema. It was designed in the Wasteland movement, and perfectly adapts to the « Warrior of the future » look. It is based on a Bell approved product.
I have no emotion about the Halloween event as it is over here, nevertheless this year I decided to create in my own way a sceptre: quite unique, authentic, artisanal…but elaborate… See pics in the gallerie.
Obviously I do not like the original one , so I decided to reshape it my way …. and to create the « Heineken Barrel of the Wasteland future ». See pics in the gallerie.

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